Look Stylish with this Floral Notch Neck Pin-tuck Tunic

Posted October 31st, 2017 by cheap sexy corsets

This beautiful pin tuck tunic is designed with an artistic pattern for a stylish look. The  carefully tailored design makes it look great on you. Flattering fit bodice is perfect to show off your body type. Make with flowing soft material, you can feel comfortable while slipping it in.  The 3/4 sleeves will help you make a fashion statement. The button up closure in the front center makes it easy to put on. If you want to look more curaceous and stylish, you can pair it witha  waistbelt. It i ideal for you to pair it with a pair of fashion jeans for a cool and stylish look.

Lace up Sleeve Sweaters for Your Winter Days

Posted October 27th, 2017 by cheap sexy corsets

Sweaters are must haves in every woman’s wardrobe in the cold winter days. Sweaters not only help women make a fashion statement, but also keep them feel warm in the cold days.  In fact, there are various styles of womens sweaters available in the online stores. It may not be easy for women to choose a right sweater to wear on. Here I will show you the lace up sleeve sweaters with two colors. Let’s have a look:


Made of soft materials, the sweater will make you feel comfortable.  Designed with relaxed fit,  it is perfect to show off y our fashion sense.  The special lace up desgin in the sleeves is cool enough to make you be the eye candy. You can pair the sweaters with white short jeans, just as the model does. Of course, it is ideal to pair with any bottom. Pair it with a sweater necklace and a pair of fashion boots for a complete look. Available in two colors, you can choose the color that will flaunt your skin tone.

Keep in trend with fashion clothes

Posted October 20th, 2017 by cheap sexy corsets
Red Bell Sleeve Floral Kimono with Lace Detail

Red Bell Sleeve Floral Kimono with Lace Detail

Time keeps on changing and so does fashion. Nothing last forever, everything changes with the time passing away. The trends that are in will gradually go out of vogue and new styles will hit the streets. One has to be constantly in touch with new fashion trends in order to keep pace with the changing world. Nobody likes to be left behind and seen as outdated personality. Thus, it is important to keep updates of latest fashion clothes to move along with the contemporary world.

It can sometimes be a troublesome task to stay updated with latest trends, as the styles and designs keeps on changing. Wandering around streets and malls to figure out new launches in latest fashion clothes can sometimes get on your nerves, leaving you in complete dilemma. Whereas sometimes you get your guts on a roll and go out for shopping, but you do not find what you wanted. Nevertheless, various designer stores have favorably provided the solution for this dilemma by availing online platform for offering latest fashion clothes. Various brands and designers have showcased their collection of designer wear for men and women at online stores, which has provided an escape to fashion freaks from wandering around in search of contemporary styles. It is indeed an effortless and yet very efficient way to buy designer clothes online and stay updated with the changing fashion and time. Prompt delivery services, wider range in designer wear for men and women, and with various kinds of offers, the online fashion stores have become foremost shopping alternative for every fashion fanatical.

Online shopping has become most favored trend of contemporary era, especially for fashion shopping. People find it trouble-free and proficient to buy designer clothes online from different online designer stores and get latest fashion clothes delivered at their doorstep. Fashion freaks have found an opportune way to stay updated and be in vogues with the contemporary world. Be it mens wear online or women clothes online, fashion stores have got a lot to offer for everyone. These online fashion stores indeed comprise wider and better range as compared to brick and mortar shops, which has steered majority of the people towards this contemporary platform for shopping of latest fashion clothes. Some of the leading designers have launched their own online store to bestow latest designs and styles upon fashion freaks and update them with new trends in vogue. Indian duo designers, Timsy & Siddhartha, are leading all the way with their online fashion store, www.iknowstudio.com, which has gradually turned out to be one stop store to buy designer clothes online. IKnow Studio and many other online stores are turning out to destination of every shopaholic and it has now become a hassle-free task move along with the pace of changing world.

Sweatshirts are in Trend

Posted October 12th, 2017 by cheap sexy corsets


The sweatshirt is perhaps one of the most basic forms of clothing on the planet. In fact, I believe it may be surpassed in simplicity only by the robe. With its incredibly basic shape and construction, the sweatshirt (or pullover, jumper or jersey, depending on what country you’re in) is an article of clothing that anyone can wear. Although the garment’s name implies physical activity, sweatshirts have actually become the uniform of those either too busy or too lazy to make an effort when dressing. Indeed, much of the sweatshirt’s popularity is due to the manner in which it simplifies getting dressed in the morning. Perhaps that is why sweatshirts are sported across the country by couch potatoes and college students alike.

Sweatshirts are usually made from thick cotton or cotton combined with another material, such as fleece. They mimic the basic shape of the human torso and are donned by being pulled over the head. Many athletic teams, especially those in high schools, combine sweatshirts with sweatpants to create team uniforms. These uniforms are mostly used during practices and warm-up sessions, being considered too informal for competitive events. The benefit of a sweatshirt, aside from its simplistic nature, is that it provides the wearer with a fair amount of warmth at relatively little cost. The economic advantage of the sweatshirt makes it additionally appealing to high school athletic teams, who often have little financial support.
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Wear Pirate Halloween Costumes at Halloween Party

Posted September 21st, 2017 by cheap sexy corsets
Naughty Pirate Scoundrel Costume

Naughty Pirate Scoundrel Costume

Something that has been in place for centuries and has still managed to attract attention, would be the pirates with their bold, quirky dress and rebellious attitude. Therefore, they have become great themes for films and books and have never managed to become a great inspiration for an evening dress or Halloween party. So if you want to show off your eccentric side, go for a pirate Halloween costume this season.


You must decide about the pirate views that you will be attracting. If you do not want to take the role of an already famous pirate and want to take your own on a Halloween costume, you can include a variety of things. To start with the basics, you need to get sackcloth clothes in black, white, purple or rich red tones. It would be best if you could have more nerve kinks on the sleeves and the chest. To add the spirit, you have to wear long, sacked pants and a thick belt with a big buckle around the waist. You’d be ready with the basics, you wear with knee-high black leather boots. Wig is an important accessory. Go for a long smooth black hair or anxiety locks.


Although the costumes of the pirate are mainly for guys, the girls do not need to be sad. They can also try to get spooky. The same rules apply to the girls, but to make them even more feminine, they can pull over a gypsy’s skirt. There are even more accessories, which are mandatory for the perfection of the pirate look. You must wear a bandana, an eye patch, a sword, jewelery and, of course, a pirate hat. If you want to take the full style, ass thick black eyeliner, a parrot, a peg leg or fake tan, since the pirates are usually shown as sun baked. If you are disposed all these attires, you would surely get the best costume in no time. Most of the costumes have a selection of costumes and you can easily get everything you need for the perfect pirate Halloween costume.


Nevertheless, it’s not just enough to be in a pirate costume to get the quirky look. Dressing does not suffice, you need the attitude too, as that would add the complete fun for the whole occasion. The first thing to do is imitate how pirates speak in movies and books. Put on a low gravel voice and dig bored hello for alloys. While you are talking, do not attempt to go too long without making an argh and calling everyone. Others would be annoyed in this manner of speaking, but then that is the whole purpose of getting the pirate attitude. The Lingo can be easily picked up by watching movies or surfing the Internet. Ensure that you have act confidently, arrogantly and rebelliously.

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